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A quick, inexpensive way to have an agent give you feedback on your short pitch. If you’re wondering if your two-sentence hook or your two paragraph summary for the query letter will work, send them to me. If you want me to give you feedback on the structure of your plot, send me a three-page synopsis (750-word max).

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Want to know how agents look at the synopses they get? Now you can find that out. I am a literary agent, but I was a writer before I became an agent, and I know how hungry writers are for professional feedback.

One of the hardest things about form rejections is that there is no way to learn what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Send your hooks and synopses, and I’ll give you a quick critique, telling you exactly how I would examine it if it came into my submissions mailbox.

This will be a comprehensive synopsis critique It will cover character, plot, and theme–because these are the three things you have to sell an agent or editor on when you send your synopses.

Choose the word count and price that fits your project.


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0 –150, 101– 250, 201 — 850


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