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—-Up to five chapters per week
—-Four to twenty weeks
—-A deep revision

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Start Date: 

Start on any Monday


4 to 20 weeks

Course Description:

In the WHOLE NOVEL COURSE writers load one to five chapters (limit 2,500 words per chapter, 12,500 words per week maximum) every Monday, and I have them edited and back to the writers by Friday.

You’ll get line-by-line comments on your chapters, and then you’ll get an edit letter that will cover:

  1. Positive aspects of this work
  2. Elements that need attention and improvement include
  3. Character Development
  4. Plot/structure
  5. Language/diction
  6. Dialogue
  7. Illustrations
  8. Voice
  9. Description
  10. Chapter Openings
  11. Chapter closings
  12. Rising action
  13. Marketability
  14. Next Steps
  15. Additional comments

Each week you’ll revise your next chapters, taking into consideration what I told you during the previous chapters. This helps you learn how to become your own editors.

You will work one-on-one with me, via email. At the end of every five chapter you will get a half-hour Skype visit with me to discuss your work.

If you pay on the installment plan you can pay per chapter, or in five-chapter chunks. Either way, each chapter is edited in depth and Sally will discuss each chapter’s opening hook, conflict, resolution, and closing hook.

For those of you with longer manuscripts, there will be an option for you to sign up for a second course as needed.

Hi Sally,

Thank you for your incredible class. It was a valuable, valuable learning experience. I’m glad I took it early in my creative writing. It sharpened my writing skills in a short time and will help set the course for [my novel] and additional works.

Thank you also for your insightful critique. All great, enlightening recommended changes. I will definitely implement these . . ..

Do you plan to offer a next-level course for folks who have taken the “Four Essentials”? Please consider it. I’ll sign up!

~ Kimberly

Why Have Critiques?

Good stories are made great when they have meaningful themes, compelling voices, and when they are clear and easy to read. Characters need to motivated, dialogue needs to be crisp, and the story arc needs to be focused. Critiques will help you improve in these areas.

Weekly Assignment:

Using what you’ve learned in the FOUR FIRST-CHAPTER ESSENTIALS lectures, go through your novel and revise. Each Monday, load chapters (limit 12,500 words total) and I will critique them and return them by Friday.

Dear Sally,

I really wanted to thank you again for a fabulous weekend. I left encouraged and energized, as well as satisfied that I’d been very productive. Your help was exactly what I needed . . .

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the time you gave me to help me become a better writer.

Conferences are invaluable, and I’ll continue to attend them, but you can’t get the one-on-one time like you can at a Writer’s Retreat with a skilled professional. That’s why I was willing to invest the money. It was a wise investment and fun.

~ Jean Wilund

Materials needed:

  • Email capabilities
  • a polished draft of a novel

Price includes four hours of audio lectures, one-on-one instruction, weekly e-mail critique and one half-hour Skype meeting at the end of the course.


WHOLE NOVEL COURSE, by Sally Apokedak (4 to 20 weeks, starting any Monday of the year)


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